When Your Spa Needs Repair

For repairs, please contact us. We repair pumps, circuit boards, heaters, jets and headrests; detect leaks; and clear plumbing issues. Our prices are competitive and our customer service is the best in the industry.

Maintain Your Spa for Optimal Performance

Because maintaining your hot tub through all seasons and in all weather is important, we offer a variety of services.

Services Include:
  • Pump drain
  • Flush all plumbing lines and diverters
  • Refill spa
  • Add start-up chemicals
  • Balance water
drain and fill
Services Include:
  • Drain spa
  • Clean and wipe out shell
  • Treat headrests
    and cover
  • Complete inspection
    of parts
  • Rinse filters
  • Refill spa
  • Add start-up chemicals
  • Balance water
Services Include:
  • Drain spa
  • Vacuum all plumbing
    lines and diverters
  • Drain pumps in
    equipment area
  • Add Spa Guard
    antifreeze to lines, diverters and
    filter canisters
  • Apply winter tarp
Water Maintenance
$600/6 months
All-inclusive Package Includes:
  • 12 visits (2 visits a month)
  • Inspect all spa functions
  • Drain and fill (1 time
    during the 6 months)
  • Clean filters
  • Check and balance water
  • Add all necessary